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PADI Seals Program

Is your kid 8 years and older? Bored over weekend or when you are out diving? Then you have come to the right place.

PADI developed the Seals program to enable kids, from the age of 8 years, to participate in scuba diving activities that closely mimic those of adult divers.

It is diving with the emphasis on fun and safety and is fast becoming a new craze as parents give their kids a PADI Seals Program for their birthday and then combine this with a Discover Scuba Diving party for their friends.

Step 1 in the program is purchasing a PADI Seals crewpack. This includes a video on scuba diving and the Seals program. Part of this step is a short knowledge development session on basic safe diving practices, followed by a scuba diving session in a swimming pool, not exceeding 2 meters.

But this is just the start. the program consist of 8 aqua missions that the Seals diver can complete, e.g. night dive, wreck dive, etc. On completion of each mission, the Seals divers get a decal that he/she can put on their aqua mission control certificate until all 8 missions have been completed.

Cost: R800 for PADI Seals Pack and first dive and R100 for subsequent missions.