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Anger & Conflict Management

Watch out for anger! Listen to this seminar and learn the basics of conflict and anger management

What is conflict?
Learn to understand what conflict is, that it is a normal part of interaction & why we avoid conflict. Identify your own preconceived ideas & understand how they influence your approach to conflict. Learn about the different styles of conflict management.
Evaluate your own conflict management style and consider how it is affecting the way you deal with conflict in your personal & work areas.
On completion, you will:

  • Understand what conflict is about
  • Learn about the different style of conflict management – which one are you or your partner / colleague using mostly?
  • The advantages & disadvantages of each style

What is anger?
Learn about what anger is, how your body responds to anger, what anger activators are & where they originate from.
You will also learn how to identify your own anger activators & see how these are triggered throughout your life in personal & work situations.

Learn about different styles of expressing anger & which are the most constructive. On completion, you will:

  • Know & understand what anger is & why we experience anger
  • Be able to identify, understand & manage your own personal anger activators
  • Steps to control anger effectively!

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