Feelwell: Passionate about people: Home Seminar: Child nutrition

Child nutrition – start them out the right way!

Duration: 2 hours

The correct nutrition for your children will:

  • Improve their IQ!
  • Improve their learning ability
  • Reduce hyperactivity
  • Improve their concentration
  • Improve their immune system
  • Give them stable energy levels

Don’t wait until bad nutritional habits are the easiest way out – by then they will have increased their chances of developing:

  • Type II diabetes
  • ADD (Attention deficit disorder)
  • Learning difficulties
  • Obesity
  • Chronic infections due to a poor immune system
  • Cholesterol problems

Learn about the benefits of:

  • Eating the right fats (for your brain and other systems)
  • Make low GI (Glycaemic index) eating fun
  • Eating the right proteins
  • Avoiding stimulants
  • Enjoying lots of anti-oxidants
  • Getting used to “healthy” tastes in a fun way!


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