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The magic of eating the right stuff

Feel the difference!
Have more energy that ever before!
Never feel hungry!
Lose weight and stay slim forever!
Lower your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol!

Duration: 1 Hours

Up to date information is given about what to eat and what to avoid to prevent disease and improve health - this is not a fad!

  • Understanding Metabolic syndrome / insulin resistance
  • Fats in your diet – to eat or not to eat fats?
  • Finally understanding the value and how to do’s of low GI and low GL eating!
  • Sugars – the good and bad
  • Proteins – how much of what
  • Energy food
  • Improving your mental health by eating correctly
  • Lowering your blood cholesterol
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Eating right to control cravings
  • Eating right to lose weight and stay slim
  • Avoiding harmful foods
  • Managing food allergies

  • Evaluating food labels
  • Stimulants
  • How or what to supplement with

For added fun, a cooking demonstration can be added.The aim of this seminar is to make you aware of how your nutritional habits influence their bodies and to make you exited about healthy eating habits and make you look forward to the results you want to feel and see with your own body!

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