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Parent/Caregiver Support

"Loving Conversations" are Power Point presentations that explore sexual development and provide important parenting messages for various stages of growth. The objective is to provide adults with information, skills and resources to communicate effectively with children in their care.

"From the Start" : Infancy to 6 years old. - Children are sexual from birth and many important sexual milestones are part of early childhood.

"Bridging the Gap" : Age 9 to 14 years - Puberty is the stage where girls and boys experience many physical changes related to sexual maturity. This can be a confusing time, especially if the essential information about these processes is not effectively presented. This presentation sets out key messages that will help parents and children bridge the gap from childhood to middle adolescents with greater confidence.

"Parenting Sexually Resilient Teens" : Age 14 to 19 yrs - later adolescence. The middle to later teenage years present parents/caregivers with some difficult challenges as the adolescent works through the life tasks that will enable independence.This may include high-risk social behaviours, challenging belief systems,and other forms of rebellion.

Insight into this stage of life and our social sexual climate can reduce anxiety and promote parent/teen communication.
Presenter: Sr Ruth Loubser

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