Feelwell: Passionate about people: Home Seminar: Communication skills for couples

Communication skills for couples

3 hours

Don’t allow communication to become a stumbling block in your relationship!

Listen to this seminar and learn the basics of interpersonal communication for couples

Facts about communication & listening

  • How do couples communicate
  • Barriers to communication – what makes so difficult?!

Effective listening skills – I want to understand you
Understand the importance of listening and how to do this effectively

  • Know and understand your “autobiographical” responses
  • Learn to listen effectively
  • Practice empathic listening

Expressing your needs & ideas

Effective reflecting – understanding each other’s intention

Learn how to:

  • Address the problem, not the person
  • Effectively communicate your needs
  • Effectively use “I” messages
  • Examine and challenge “self-talk”

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