Feelwell: Passionate about people: Home Workshop: Conflict & Anger Management

Conflict & Anger Management workshop

Duration: 2 days
Module I: What is conflict?
Learn to understand what conflict is, that is a normal part of interaction & why we avoid conflict. Identify your preconceived ideas & understand how they influence your approach to conflict. On completion, you will:

  • Understand what conflict is about
  • Enable to recognise your own & other’s style of conflict management
  • Understand the advantages & disadvantages of each style
  • Earn several de-stressing skills

Module II: What is anger?
Learn about what anger is, how your body responds to anger, what anger activators are & where they originate from.
Learn how to identify your own anger activators & see how these are triggered in personal & work situations. On completion, you will:

  • Know & understand what anger is & why we experience anger
  • Enable to identify, understand & manage your own personal anger activators
  • Be able to apply the toolkit: 7 steps to control anger effectively

Module III: Practical material – audio-visual material
See the different conflict management & expression of anger styles.

See the effects of the different styles on the receivers thereof.

Module IV: Managing disputes
Learn about the 8 steps needed to resolve disputes in a constructive manner. Discussion & role-play. On completion, you will:

  • Have theoretical knowledge & practical experience of constructive ways of dealing with disputes
  • Learn how to apply these principles in all spheres of your life

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