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What are you thinking? Cognitive behavioural restructuring

Duration: 5 Hours workshop about Cognitive behavioural restructuring
Method Used:

  • The course is based on the work done by Miechenbaum, Beck and Ellis.
  • This approach suggests that behavioural changes can be brought about by identifying and modifying thought processes that are unrealistic, or non-productive.
Who will benefit:
  • Individuals of all spheres and from any background will profit from a course of this nature.
  • The course addresses common interpersonal and intra personal problems, which all of us are aware of everyday of our lives.

What are the benefits for the employer:

  • More productive, creative employees.
  • Less interpersonal problems in the workplace.
  • More satisfied personnel.
The presenter is a medical doctor with additional training in Psychology

Course Structure:

  • 5 hour workshop including half and hour for refreshments.
  • Practical exercises are done and discussed in order to teach methods that can be used in future situations encountered by the individual - thus giving each individual some tools for everyday life.
  • The style of presentation is of a completely interactive nature.
  • Follow-up is provided as needed.
  • Written material is also provided.


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