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Wellness for the corporate animal

A fun, but informative half day workshop that will change the corporate animals’ lives. Wellness in a nutshell for the person in a corporate setting –

  • People with very busy, fast line lifestyles.
  • People who probably lead mostly sedentary lifestyles, travel a lot,   eat business meals often.

Module I:

  • Be on the lookout for burnout!
  • Do you suffer from burnout? – evaluate yourself
  • Keep the candle burning – what to do about burnout

Module II:

  • Nutrition – do’s, don’ts and why
  • Eating out /eating on the road
  • To drink or not to drink and what to drink

Module III:

  • The sedentary animal – think movement
  • Watch your back! – Simple exercises to prevent neck and back problems

The aim is:

  • motivating and inspiring delegates
  • to make positive changes to their lifestyle in order to
  • prevent lifestyle diseases
  • experience optimal wellness

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