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Stress & time management 1 day workshop – don’t be swallowed by stress and too little time!

Module I: Stress management
Stress robs you of your health, well being, tranquility, minimises your productivity, hampers your interpersonal interactions & debilitates you.

Don’t be a victim – learn the skills you need to minimise your experience of stress!
Learn the following:

  • Understand the harmful effects of stress on your well-being
  • Be able to recognise destructive stress
  • Be able to evaluate yourself – are you stressed?
  • Have a user friendly toolkit with which to minimise your stress experience
  • Understand the value of a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn several de-stressing skills – to be applied as your needs dictate

Module II: Time management
We all want to have more time! How is it possible to have more time in which you can perform your responsibilities, be productive and still have time to enjoy life? – We’ll teach you how in half a day.
Change your life now – learn how to manage your time effectively!

Learn the following:

  • Why manage time?
  • Spot the mistakes – where am I wasting my precious time?
  • How do I really work smarter, not harder

Get to know time saving tools. Apply these time saving tools

  • Celebrate your time management success!

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