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Module I: Stress & time management:
Stress robs you of your health, well being, tranquility, minimises your productivity, hampers your interpersonal interactions & debilitates you. Don't be a victim - learn the skills you need to minimise your experience of stress.

Module II: Discover your unique purpose & potential - the key to motivated productivity!
Each one of us is good at some things, not so good at others. Discover & unleash your full potential, live & work purposefully & be motivated by your inner strengths & qualities. Obtain easy to follow basic, scientific guidance about health & lifestyle management.

Module III: The wellness-health link
People often cause gradual, irreversible damage to their health through unintentional ignorance & misinformation about health issues!

Module IV: The wellness - communication link - how to ask for what you want
To be able to really be productive, live your full potential, experience contentment and be motivated, the skills of communication are essential. Bring out the best in yourself and others by learning basic tools for effective communication. Feel the relief of being able to communicate your needs and improving listening skills.

Module V: Time management & goal-setting - get what you want!
Manage the demands & stress you are exposed to by identifying various goals, monitoring time and productivity.

Contact us to arrange a specific date for us to present this workshop/seminar for your group/company - it will make a difference in the way you cope with total wellness.

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