Dive 4 Life 

Umkomaas - 21-24 March 2003

The group consisted of my family, Wikus Swanepoel, Gavin Southward and Peet Coetzee and their families, all in all a group of 12 divers and 2 non divers. It was the Southwards first sea dives and we wanted to see/hear Gavin's reaction as he gets exited about Miracle Waters!

Because of the strong current on Saturday our plan to stay in a single spot failed, instead we had a great drift dive along the Northern Pinnacles. Saw the usual assortment of fish: triggers, moorish idols, coachmen, boxies, flutemouths, trumpets, surgeons as well as a turtle, a giant zebra eel and a baby hammerhead shark of 2 meters! 

 The afternoons dive was to Cathedral (Wikus, Amanda and myself) - it is such a nice spot to dive - towards the end we exited from the protection of Cathedral and spent the last 10-15 minutes drifting along the reef.

Sunday morning saw us back at the Pinnacles and although the current had subsided somewhat, we did another drift dive to Raggie's Cave. Once again 1000's of fish. 

In the afternoon, Amanda and I, Gavin and his son Gareth and Peet went to the Produce where the highlight was a huge brindle bass plus the 1000's of goldies. The surge/current was very strong and as the lesser experienced divers could not safely dive below the level of the deck we terminated the dive after 30 minutes - still enjoyable and the wreck is, as ever, very impressive. Peet at long last had a trouble free dive - on dive 1 he was under weighted despite using additional weights and on dive 2 his low-pressure hose got stuck!

We had a major thunder/rain storm Sunday night but woke to a slightly overcast day on Monday. The swell was +- 2-3 meters on the way in and two of the kids decided not to dive. Once below the surface there was virtually no current or surge and we finally managed to dive the northern tip of Pinnacles - once again the fish life was spectacular and everyone agreed that it was the best dive of the weekend.

In between dives I did my cross over course from Medic First Aid Instructor to Emergency First Responder Instructor - watch this space for details of this very exciting and rewarding course.

Kyle looking worried before his first dive

Amanda and Manie cooling down

Hey this is a long way from shore

Gavin enjoying his first sea dive

Gavin and Jennie Southward

Jennie and Gareth Southward

Louis (that's me)

Louis and Mareli

Wikus and Manie

Mareli Coetzee

Amanda and Izak

Peet Coetzee

Tinus Coetzee

We're all going to Durban

Wikus Swanepoel

Dive master Amanda 

I'm glad you could attend this meeting

Where're you going? Is it my deodorant?