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Umkomaas 19-22 March 2004

A group of 14 divers and 1 non-diver went to Umkomaas for the long weekend. Despite poor weather forecasts, we had good weather and, with the exception of Sunday morning’s first dive where we had poor viz. and a very strong current, we had great dives. The highlight was, without doubt, Monday morning’s dive at the Inner Edge. The water was crystal clear and viz. was 30 meters plus and fish everywhere you looked. Being an early morning dive, we also saw some of the anemone/coral that normally comes out at night, still open or partially open.

Saturday’s dives were to Cathedral and Raggie’s Cave – both stunning, Sunday’s dives were to Cathedral (we were advised against diving the Produce as planned) and a slow drift dive starting at Raggie’s Cave. We were blessed with so much fish and such a variety, it was mind blowing. 

Some of the highlights of the weekend were a 3 meter Guitar fish, a huge potato bass, manta rays, eagle, devil and bonnet rays, a huge turtle with a nudibranch on its back, many different types of nudibranches (as you will see from the pictures below), octopuses, hordes of scorpionfish, trumpets, a honeycomb moray, a nudibranch weaving her egg ribbon and a 3 cm cowfish. Is it actually sad that we get so blazé that we tend to overlook/dismiss the usuals (butterflies, Moorish Idols, Coachmen, Triggers, Angels, Boxies, etc.) which are so colourful. .

On the non diving side, Mathie and Carlo managed two rounds of golf after the day's diving, we braai'd on Saturday night and went to Amanzimtoti for supper on Sunday - if the service there was any slower, I'd be writing this from my table! As it were, Mathie got a semi live prawn on his seafood platter - which he promptly disposed of.. Wish we could have done the same to the waiter and cook.

For the record, the group consisted of:


Mathie & Marcelle Mathie
Gareth looking cool Manie, Kyle, Jenny (well partially) & Gavin
Amanda looking pleased with herself Carlo looking leased with Amanda
Amanda & turtle Turtle without Amanda (much better looking)
My mother in law (OK I lie, a scorpionfish) Cowfish (also reminds me of my mother in law)
Potato bass Bride's bouquet
Domino hiding in black branch coral Anemone
Nudibranch weaving egg ribbon Nudibranch
Some more nudibranches
And some more! The one on the right was pictured on the turtle's back