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Discover Scuba  - 23 November 2002

Amanda and I are actively involved with one of the houses, House 5, of the local Children's Home. From time to time we take a few deserving kids on a Discover Scuba to give them a glimpse of the wonders of the underwater world.

One of the rules of the Home is that a child must leave at the end of he year during which he turns 18. As Henri and Thabo turned 18 in 2002 I decided to take them as a sort of a farewell gift. We also used the opportunity to complete Amanda's last water skills for her dive master certification.

Henri looking pensive before the time Thabo looking much braver than he what he felt
Henri blowing bubbles Thabo getting ready for  the big plunge
Yours truly Amanda after her 800 meter swim
Amanda busy with her water treading Fanie keeping Amanda company

Although the weather was not ideal, everyone had fun.