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Sodwana Bay 24-28 July 2004

The group: My family, Wilme Steenekamp,  Mathie Hoffman, Marcelle Consalves, Michiel & Louise v d Merwe, Carlo de Waard, Mariette Steyn, Hannelie & Tiffany Bartlett

A trip with mixed results. Amanda arrived with a cold and did not dive at all - I managed two dives before succumbing to a cold as well. My camera gave me endless problems and only have about 20 pics in total. Will put some on the website once I collected pics from the rest of the group.

But enough of my moaning. The viz was spectacular 25-35 meters, the fish were all over the place (including a reef shark of, depending who tells it, 0.5 to 2.5 meters) and the sea was virtually flat with about 1 meter swell at most.

Mathie, was our official DM for the weekend. His partner, Marcelle wanted to surprise him by giving him a Suunto Mosquito computer, as a present, while underwater. After secretly buying the computer, she slipped it into her BC pocket and, after indicating to me to take a picture of this great moment, handed Mathie the computer. He looked slightly confused, then proceeded to tie it around his BC strap without too much enthusiasm and proceeded with his dive, ignoring the computer. Marcelle was obviously not impressed with his reaction.. It was only when they surfaced that Marcelle realized that he thought that she had picked it up underwater and had to hand it over to the skipper. After explaining the true situation to him, he eventually realized what a nice gesture it was and is now wearing his new computer with pride.

First time sea divers, Michiel vd Merwe and Hettie Scarcella, acquitted themselves well and enjoyed themselves.

The large group of snorkellers had fun in the tidal pools with two honeycomb morays and an octopus being spotted throughout the weekend.