Marico Oog

The best inland dive site in SA 

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Check before the time if airfills will be available!!!

Marico Oog is a small but beautiful natural pool situated in the Zeerust/Lichtenburg area. God must indeed have been in a good mood when He created Marico Oog. Visibility is often in excess of 20 meters and averages at about 10 meters. 

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Although the water is relatively cold, it seldom drops below 18 degrees, even in winter. In summer it can go up to 24 degrees.


Lush plant life covers  most of the pool. Various species of fish can be found, including various types of bass and kurper. If you are lucky you may even see one of the six fresh water eels.


At night, the stars shine like pearls in the clear skies, far away from city lights. 


For the non divers, there is a float that you could pull yourself across the pool on and see the actual beauty of Marico Oog, albeit from the surface. Floaters can clearly see the divers below and get an idea of the plant and, if lucky, fish life below.


There is also a waterslide that will keep the kids busy during the day as well as a volleyball net for the more energetic.

You are advised to bring whatever you need regarding equipment, food and drinks as there are no shops nearby if you discount the small farm stall +- 5 km from Marico Oog. Toilet paper and mosquito repellant is essesntial!!

NOTE: There are currently no airfills available at Marico Oog

The owners of Marico Oog are Willie and Annetjie Muller from Orkney.







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