Marico Oog

The best inland dive site in SA 


Accommodation takes the form of a two chalets  (the lapa was converted), a caravan permanently on site, or  your own tents. The house on the farm is also available to divers at a cost of R300 per day - 5 bedrooms - 3 with double bed, one with two single beds and one with one single bed. Only R300 per day

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Old Chalet Front View Old Chalet inside with fridge and cooking/wash area
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New Chalet Front View (old Lapa) New Chalet Inside with cooking area, bath and toilet. Also has a freezer
Colourful Caravan Tents

Clean toilets facilities in the form of two toilets and a shower with hot water (if you make fire underneath the 'donkie')  ensures that that side of human nature is also catered for.  Electrical outlets ensure that your basic utensils can be operated there as well. The area is well lit at night from a strategically placed halogen light.  

It is essential to take your own toilet paper, extension cords (even if in the chalets) and mosquito repellant!

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It is a great spot to unwind - do not visit if you are looking for anything but a quiet atmosphere and a great dive. The green grass and surrounding area further enhances this aura of tranquility.

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The area is very secure, divers often leave all their equipment outside at night.







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