Marico Oog

The best inland dive site in SA 


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MO_Babies_L.jpg (23268 bytes) MO_Bass_green2_L.jpg (25735 bytes)
Adult pair with fry Bass hiding in grass
MO_Fish2_L.jpg (18829 bytes) MO_Kurper_L.jpg (19689 bytes)
Camouflaged Hiding in the lush vegetation
MO_Fish5_L.jpg (15514 bytes) MO_Floor_L.jpg (21807 bytes)
Plants and fish everywhere North side composition
MO_Ledge_L.jpg (27080 bytes) MO_UW1_L.jpg (22557 bytes)
Inside the overhang View from 5 meters
MO_Swimming_L.jpg (22396 bytes) MO_Cave_L.jpg (19494 bytes)
Swimmer against backdrop - southern wall Entrance to cave
MO_Snail_L.jpg (17969 bytes) MO_Hole_L.jpg (19262 bytes)
Snail on foilage Early morning at Marico
MO_Smoke_L.jpg (22045 bytes)
Smoke on the water? If anybody knows what causes this, please email us. The apparent smoke appears throughout the day at various places in Marico Oog

Note: Pictures taken by Webmaster and his family using a Sony DCS7 in a MPK9 housing - No copyright - feel free to copy and re-distribute free of charge







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